Grandchildren's Camp

Eleven Point River

The Eleven Point river is part of the National Scenic Riverway with many beautiful float trips possible along its length. There are several excellant campgrounds along the river's banks for overnight camping. There are many springs that flow into the Eleven Point including Greer, Roaring, Graham, Powder Mill, Posy, and Fiddler springs to name a few.The springs make the river clear and blue in color. Many kinds of fish can be found in the river. The Irish Wilderness is next to the river and is a popular backpacking wilderness area. A map of the Eleven Point river near Greer Spring shows many attractive features and trails.

(photos from Andy)

Floaters having fun on the river.

Another pretty view on the river.

Looking downstream from a gravel bar.

Ron and Brad looking over the fallen log in the river.

Some of the kids playing in the river.

Minor rapids by second main river access near camp.